Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lagi Bunga Telor with Bear

MOQ = 100pcs
You are free to choose your desire ribbon color
Bear type&color are according to supplier availability(sori..)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Choc + biscuit

I love flowers especially roses! choc mold pon byk yg bentuk rose...
cuba utk pelbagaikan my choc and inilah hasilnya...

inti nye biskut (oreo/cream o/tiger)..

Hanya RM1.50/pc:

Chocs 12pcs/box

Coklat ni di pack dlm plastic box besama2 dgn gold plastic tray..

and of course it will come with decoration...

only at RM12/box..

Rose Choc Lolipop

Ni adalah projek terbaru i...lolipop...

Price at RM0.90/pc

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flower bag

K.Amy & K.Lin = ex-house mate & colleague....
Recently, mase b'day dorg, tepikir2 gak ape nk bg as a b'day present...
so i decided to made flower bags to them..

ni utk K.Amy, (Flower bag peach lace) :

ni plak utk K.Lin (Flower bag ribbon):

dorg ni sgt baik mase i tinggal & keje besame...betul...tk tipu...;-D

kalau ade sape beminat & nk tempah, harga nye seperti di bwh:
*Flower bag peach lace - RM10/pc
*Flower bag ribbon - RM5/pc

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chocs for hantaran

Kali ni received an order from my friend name Jaja from Ampang...katenye utk hantaran kakak ipar die..

*25pcs/box - RM35

*1pc big rose - RM3 each:

Thanks Ja for ur order and below is a gift for her:

Bunga Telor with Bear!

My mom request i buatkan 'bunge telor + bear' yg mcm i bg kat family hubby mase kami betunang dulu...(rupenye die minat yg tu...pttla aritu byk gak die amik simpan..hehe) lain dr yg lain kan...& nmpk sweet/comel sgt..

tema color adik i kawin will be ijau...

ni pulak photo of mine..

riben dh layu...biasala, dh lame simpan..

*MOQ = 100pcs
*You free to choose your desire ribbon color
*Bear type&color will depends on the supplier availability (sori..)

Birthday gift....

Skrg ni bl dh bergelar seorg ibu rasa suke sgt pegi birthday party anak kawan2...;-D
tk sabar nk in-charge birthday party for Syafi...;-)

kali ni we had invited by Khairil to attend his son birthday party at bandar puteri..
so, i decided to made chocs for the birthday boy name Danial,

Happy 3rd birthday Danial!

Chocs for wedding gift

Hmmm...received an order from my sis fiance...utk kakak die nyer wedding at Pahang...
u guys igat tk yg i ade buat chocs mase my sis betunang...ha, dr situ la kakak die bekenan kat chocs ni...;-D

requested by the pengantin to decorate the chocs box with 'white rose ribben'...

*3pcs/box - RM4 each:


Engagement gift

My sis had engaged during aidilfitri '09 and I did some homemade chocs as a gift for her fiance's family...

*1pc big rose - RM3 each:

*4pcs/box - RM5 each:

Chocs ni telah dibawa bejln sgt jauh! made at p.klang...went to ng9 to celebrate raya with family mertua...then straight away to penang, kampung i which the engagement location was held...alhamdulillah ia tak cair! selamat...fuh! lega..hehe..

Bunga Telor

My ex-rummet at UTP ordered 100pcs of this bunga telor and its for her bro.
Masa buat bunga ni mmg tgh sarat pregnant..around May '09..
tktau kenape but during that period, rasa malas yg amat sgt...idea & creativity kurang..letih dh semestinya lah...tp berusaha gak siapkan the order dgn bantuan hubby. Yes, he really help me a LOTS! most of the job done by him...potong ribben, ikat ribben with dawai..& byk lg...hehe...thank him for helping....sib baik sempat siapkan sblm besalin..

ni lah hasilnye:

*MOQ = 100pcs
*You free to choose your desire color

Chocs for Aidilfitri '09

Tempahan pertama telah dibuat oleh K.Lin & K.Birkha, my ex-colleagues sempena hari raya yg lepas.

*25pcs/box - RM35:

*16pcs/box - RM20:

*9pcs/box - RM15:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Practise makes perfect!

i tried again...again...and again...until hv a good feeling utk jual this homemade chocs..

here are some of the result photos:

1st homemade chocs

Percubaan pertama yg menjadi! delivered to K.Amy, K.Lin & K.Birkha....saje nk bg dorg rase..;-)


...i'm a blogger! Alhamdulillah...hope with this blog akan merancakkan lg my small bisnes!

Past few months are very challenging life for me and luckily through out that time God hv give me Syafi (means = penawarku). and HE really is!
Hmmm...biasala bl dh jd mommy ni kalau bole asyik nk cita psl anak je..hehe..
So, i want to share some of his photos here:

few hrs selepas dilahirkan

and now he already 9months!

Cukup psl anak and skrg bisnes..bisnes..bisnes...;-D

I'm trying to do several bisnes and not only focusing on one product. Mainly, its all about 'things' that i made and also will do some trading process.

Pls enjoy your visiting and do contact me if interested to make an order. Do come back frequently because i'll try to do 'kaizen' on every products that i've made. Thanks!