Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hamper Raya

Dear All,
hehe, nak promote hamper raya yg dibuat oleh my bff, fara...
as my previous post mention about her project...ini lah projectnye!
ada byk jenis hamper dan yg plg penting, my chocolate pon ade bersama2 hamper tu!

jgn malu2, sile la lawat blog die...

bl dh tgk & rasa nk order, tp masih malu2, boleh order kat i and i will pass ur order to her. no prob! ;-D

fara ckp cookies raya tu mmg sedap...tk tipu..yum yum..

so ape tungu lg...ape kate raya thn ni kite blk kg & bwk blk hamper skali...;-D

Gubahan hantaran coklat

its my new project.....

it have 10pcs chocolate in a bouquet..

harga: RM40/bouquet
you can choose your theme colors

Sunday, June 27, 2010

selamat pengantin baru!

We went to batu arang last sunday for a wedding reception! jln nye bengkang bengkok buatkan i rasa pening2 lalat...;p
It's a reception for a beautiful bride, Datin Alin (hubby's cousin) & a charming groom, Dato' Redzuan.
As a gift, my hubby decided to give them my homemade chocolate...



with deco & card yg dibuat sendiri..

Semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat..

*pls take note that littlevilla will not provide any card for a normal order.

Friday, June 25, 2010


HEPI BIRTHDAY PAPA........wrote on the chocs!
requested from my ex-colleague.

yup yup...she also received the free gifts & 10% discount!

Thanks sandra for the order...

chocolate price for 16pcs/box = RM26

Chocolate for Father's day!

Lisa want to surprise her husband with a gift during father's day celebration...

as promised, she got the 10% discount + free gifts! yeay!

thanks lisa for the order...and hope u & ur hubby like the chocs!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

35pcs chocolate per box

yes! ada 35pcs coklat in one box! percayalah! hehe...

with deco:

harga hanya: rm45/set..

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Dedicated to:

My beloved Husband, Mohd Fiqri Bin Yunos

Thank you for being a great dad to Syafi!

My Father, Umran Bin Raja Uda
Thank you for all the guidance for these 28yrs. Pls don't stop be a good motivator, I still need it so that i can always be a strong person. Love u so much!

My FIL, Yunos Bin Hamzah
Thank you for everything that you have done to us ! ;-D

I've made a special card to my hubby and hope he like it,

For my customers, yes! u also will get something.....
who ever place an order till end of this month, 30th June 2010 will get a special discount, 10% plus a mystery free gift!

to all cool dads out there!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to Muhammad Syafi

19th June 2010.

Sungguh pantas masa berlalu...dah sethn Syafi menjadi penyeri hidup kami..syukur to Allah!

This time, I want to share some stories & his photos through out this wonderful year! And also want to tell Syafi that Mama don’t forget to look back to see how much he’s grown!

It will be a special trip down memory lane for you Sayang..

1. 16th June 2009, start minor contraction, check up with only 1cm opening. Start MC – rest at home..(no pic)

2. 18th June 2009, 8pm after solat magrib, my water broke & admitted to hospital.
boleh senyum lg tu...sbb tk sakit sgt lg..hehe

3. 19th June 2009, 10.55am lahir lah penawar duka abah&mama at Hospital Bersalin Razif, Klang…weight: 2.85kg, length: 52cm. Alhamdulillah with normal delivery di Jumaat yg mulia..

4. 1st month

5. Majlis aqiqah & cukur jambul, 2nd Aug 2009 at Rantau, Ng9.

6. 2nd months

7. 3rd months, sambut raya puasa di Rantau, Ng9

8. 4th months

9. Meniarap at 4months 3weeks

10. 6th months, rmbut dh panjang....dh bole buat rmbut pacak...hihi

11. 7th months, pakai kopiah abah! sgt comel...

12. Boleh duduk dgn bantuan, 7th months 1week

13. 8th months

14. Menjulur ke hadapan at 8.5th months (no pic)

15. 9th months, at masjid putrajaya

16. Boleh duduk dgn sendri, 9.5th months

17. 10th months – merangkak & berdiri

18. 11th months

19. 1year! silau flash camera ye syg...;-D

Baby mmg cepat membesar & cepat berubah rupanye, jd ambikla gamba die sebyk munkin! ;-D

Sepanjang sethn ni jugak I’m fully breastfeeding Syafi. Hopefully Syafi mendapat semua kebaikan drpd susu ibu.

Alhamdulillah, Syafi juga terhindar drpd penyakit yg teruk sepanjang sethn ni, cuma batuk sesema sekali dua, demam ade la beberapa kali tp setiap kali pegi klinik, doktor cek tk demam plak...hehe

We love you so much! Mama doakan Syafi dpt membesar dgn sihat, menjadi anak yg pintar & soleh. Amin!

Happy 1st Birthday my beloved baby, Muhammad Syafi! ;-D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera semua!

Just want to announce that i'll be away from 3rd to 13th June 2010.

During that duration, i'll not be able to receive any order/inquiry from you..

Thank you for keep on supporting LITTLEVILLA.

Tempahan coklat

received an order from hubby's collegue, k.nor...k.nor request 60sets of below chocolate (2pcs/set):

she also request to write 'terima kasih' on the box:

terima kasih juga kerana support littlevilla...;-)

harga: rm2/set

Bunga Telor

akhirnye~~~~ siap pon bunga telor nih!
6th june ni adik sy kawin.....dh nk kawin dh die...
alhamdulillah dpt gak siapkan bunge ni sblm blk kg....

utk sesiapa yg berminat, harga tempahan:
MOQ = 100pcs
color bole pilih...;-D


Salam All!
dlm kesibukan utk siapkan order coklat yg sedia ada + bunge telor...i dpt lg order from Normah...hehe...alhamdulillah!

hhhmmm...i asyik lupe nk bgtau harga coklat yg jenis ni..
2pcs/set = RM2
dan i dpt tahu yg sblm ni Normah pernah order coklat from somebody dgn harga 1pc = RM1.80...hhmmm...agak mahal..
i jual 2pcs, rm2 je..;-p

Thanks again sbb sudi support littlevilla!